In a connected world, legacy approaches to security have fallen short. Because they operate in silos, these approaches create gaps, forcing the organization to manage each silo separately. This challenges everybody, especially users, with pointless and inefficient complexity. Plus, instead of reducing costs and risks, they have the opposite impact. Worse yet, security is seen as a process of restriction and denial, rather than a business enabler.

Strengthening our nuclear payment card industry data security standard by enhancing our nuclear detection architecture and ensuring that our own nuclear materials are secure. By establishing well-planned, well-rehearsed, plans for coordinated response, we will also ensure a capability that can dramatically diminish the consequences of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear incidents.

Thanks to diligent fiscal management of the grants, over the 27-month period ending December 31, 2014, the level of unspent balances in the Fiscal Year 2008-2012 programs has been drastically reduced with an 86% decline in unspent balances, tremendous progress. As a result of this progress, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has determined that the period of performance will return to three years for the Fiscal Year 2015 grant cycle for major preparedness grant programs.homeland security

The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management leads the State’s response to emergencies and disasters while providing for the safety and welfare of its citizens. Emergencies and disasters can be defined as something caused by natural or human-made events or any other circumstances determined by the Governor. When necessary, the State assists local jurisdictions whose capabilities are overwhelmed serving as the conduit for assistance from the Federal government.homeland security committee

I jumped on the road, turned on the lights and siren and went screaming toward downtown. I listened to the radio as officers tried to determine where in parking lot off Lamar St. the shooter or shooters might be – frantically searching, trying to find out where he, she, they could be. My job then was not to put my car or someone else’s car into the ditch as I worked to get there as quickly and safely as I could. The adrenaline was coursing.homeland security committee


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