Although USB flash drives are extremely useful devices for transferring data, they do come with security risks. Employees using USB drives at home and then plugging them back into the corporate network is a security concern for any IT Administrator. But with all the news about malware and data breaches, surely employees realize that USB drives usb lock can be infected and will be careful before plugging them in, right? Wrong. According to technology certificate provider CompTIA, employees still practice unsafe cyber security habits. In their recent experiment , CompTIA found that nearly one in five people picked up USB drives found in public locations and plugged them into their devices.usb security camera

Whilst this is overkill for most purposes there are some things such as KeyMat generation and managment where it is a sensible precaution. However for some people this is almost irresponsibly unsafe for they requirments and they will have all sorts of other mechanisms both physical and otherwise on top of this. I would think the rubber ducky USB would be really handy usb access control if you could make pirated exterior cases of major manufactures preferably the exact case of your target, place the rubber ducky inside the fake case with a persistent virus and trick the user into putting it into his machine. yup, but there goes buying cheap flashdrives directly from china… but then again, im pretty sure 99% of flash drives are made in china anyway….

In commercial environments, where most secure USB drives are used, 1 a central/remote management system may provide organizations with an additional level of IT asset control, significantly reducing the risks of a harmful data breach. This can include initial user deployment and ongoing usb access control management, password recovery, data backup, remote tracking of sensitive data, and termination of any issued secure USB drives. Such management systems are available as software as a service (SaaS), where Internet connectivity is allowed, or as behind-the-firewall solutions.


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