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Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for minor versions only. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment, which will be discounted. It will be discounted only if you’ve purchased the last major version. I’ll admit to being intrigued. I’ll check back through my composite device firmware (HID/microphone/speaker), and see if I can identify potential avenues, particularly usb lock within the spec, rather than the implementation. The fundamental issue is the hardware and the protocol. We have well-established infrastructure for ethernet/tcp connections. USB is just another bus. But most people know very little of how USB works. The first line of defence is to encrypt data before it is saved to the USB device. Systems such as Privacy Drive and Kruptos 2 are desktop services which do this.

And you’re done. It will tell you that you’re done even. The next time you’re at a computer and asked to log into your Google account, it will ask for your key after you’ve entered your password. You put it in and place your finger on the button if protect usb it has one, and it can verify you. If you don’t have your key with you, you can still use another 2FA method like the app installed on your phone. And you can have more than one key attached to your account so you have a backup of your backup.


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