As its name implies, secure usb is a program designed to protect your USB flash drives, by allowing you to set a password. It can be easily configured, even by less experienced users.

The installation part is very simple to complete and the software installs directly on the USB drive. No registry keys are added, nor system files are modified this way and the locking of the drive is operating system independent; no matter the computer where the USB drive is plugged in, the results are the same, as data will not be accessible without entering the right password.

For the longest time now, Google has recommended that users enable two-factor authentication for their accounts on its platforms (and anywhere else, really). But starting today, it is launching a second — even more secure usb secure — method for those who really want their accounts to stay safe. With Security Key support, users can now get a physical USB key through third-party providers that will work with Google Accounts and Chrome.


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