Think about how many devices you connect via a USB port daily. Cell phones, tablets, keyboards, mice, thumb drives are just to name a few. Too often we plug our devices into a USB port without any consideration of protect usb the potential risks involved. While your USB might be a quick, convenient way to charge your device or transport data, it is also a major conduit for transferring malware onto your network and for stealing data.

With usb security your USB flash drives and all other external storage devices can be very easily password protected. An easy to use setup program will guide you to put the program on your USB drive. It can automatically detect all such drives currently plugged into your PC. After installing simply run the software, and set and confirm a password to protect USB drive and all the data in it.

Next up, there is a decent logging system that tracks any and all activity that occurs on flash drives mounted in Windows. In certain situations, this can prove advantageous if you need to find out what files were copied to and from the main hard drive, or if any of them were opened and modified. usb protect I find this capability to work similarly to the Event Viewer in Windows, but with a more focused scope, so you don’t to read through other information that isn’t relevant to external storage activity. If you need to keep more permanent records, logs can be exported to CSV and HTML formats.usb security camera


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